Why list your business on Wildfyre?

Listing your business on Wildfyre puts your brand in front of thousands of your target market audience. We don’t charge you to list your opportunities so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by listing with us. Our goal is to empower your business to grow by sending ideal clients to your business

How much does it cost?

Free to list. If someone books something we charge an 8% service fee on all transactions. 3% goes to PayPal for their service fee and we use the other 5% to improve our platform and bring you more great clients.

If you don’t want to take a discount on your normal prices, list your services at 8% above standard pricing. (ex. 1 Daily Dove hunt is $100. On Wildfyre list at $108)

Couldn’t I just have the clients pay in-person or me directly?

You could. However we are confident that we will be providing you ideal clients for next to nothing. We believe we are solving a problem for both the outdoorsmen and you as a guide and hope you participate in this community to better hunting and fishing for good.  We want to serve you and ask that in return you play by the rules.

Why should I list here when competitors will be here as well?

You don’t fish for steelhead salmon in Florida, right? The best steelhead guides fish in pools where they know fish are. We suggest you do the same. The more opportunities that are on Wildfyre the better it is for your business.

Right now, you have to depend on google or your own social media prowess to market your business. We market directly to your niche market without the fluff. More exposure, less confusion.

What if I need help with my marketing?

Check out Wildfyre Creative Services and we can help you with video and photography content  as well as website development to help you create a brand that speaks to your clients.

What happens if I am getting spam?

Contact support@wildfyre.us and let us know immediately.