What is it?

Wildfyre is a community of outdoorsmen, guides, and landowners. It’s an online marketplace where private landowners can lease their land to hunters for a day,  week, or all year and guides can market their services directly to a highly concentrated pool of their target market clients. Passionate outdoorsmen who want to make the outdoors industry a better place for themselves and future generations.  Together, we have the opportunity to change the landscape of hunting and fishing across the globe for the better.


There are a few primary problems hounding those involved in the outdoor marketplace right now:

Outdoorsmen: Access and Ability. Where do I go and how do I hunt or fish? We plan to answer these questions and solve both issues for good.

Public lands are a wonderful gift from our forefathers and we need to keep them, but it’s not enough in most parts of the country. Many are overrun with people and that means the hunting and fishing is poor. That also means the habitat is stressed. That means there is 1.2 billion acres of private land that can be shared. And with guides around the country who provide amazing experiences and education on how to hunt and fish, there is no better time to come together and recruit thousands of new outdoorsmen to keep our favorite past time healthy.

Landowners: Market Volatility and Income. US Farm income has continued to decline year over year, while US Farm debt levels continue to rise. This may not be your situation, but the market for crops fluctuates heavily causing consistent income to be of premium importance. Wildfyre is a solution. With millions of hunters and fisherman around the country who don’t want to deal with the crowds on public land, they are willing to pay you for access to your land just to hunt and fish.

Guides and Outfitters: Marketing and Client Retention. Where do you go online to find a proven hunting or fishing guide? Google? No thanks. How about a platform that gives you detailed information and reviews on the best guides around the country? That’s more like it.

How does it work?


Landowners and guides have complete control and flexibility over their listings. By listing their land, a landowner creates both a source of income for themselves and their family, while also creating a chance for responsible hunters and fishermen to create memories that will last a lifetime.  Wildfyre is the perfect platform for landowners looking for additional revenue, outfitters looking for more exposure, and hunters seeking more access and opportunities. We bring you together in a way that won’t happen anywhere else online.


This is the profile page for your land or specific hunt  or guided fishing trip. Landowners or Guides fill out a description, land rules, upload photos, game available, price, number of acres, weapons allowed, etc. We’ve made these profiles as detailed as possible to help hunters know exactly what to expect and you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over.


We never reveal the exact location of landowner’s property. Your contact information is also kept private. Upon signup, we automatically assign you an anonymous email address (very similar to craigslist.)


Your listing will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by hunters and fishermen. Hunters and fishermen that are interested have the ability to message landowners and guides online. From there, you can coordinate scheduling and specifics. Again, your name, address, and other contact information is kept private until you choose to share it.


Once you’ve coordinated and confirmed with your hunters or fishermen, they can pay for the adventure directly through the site via Paypal. Wildfyre charges landowners an 8% service fee upon booking. Once a hunt is booked, you can meet the hunters in person or you can send detailed information. Whatever works best for you. Afterwards, hunters are able to leave reviews.


Wildfyre is now accepting applications for Landowners, Guides and Outfitters.

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Listing Options

Wildfyre groups their hunts into three listing types: Single Day, Multi Day, and Seasonal Lease. Below is an explanation of each.

Single Day

Just like it sounds these are one day hunts. Landowners grant day access to their property. These can be guided or unguided hunts.

Multi Day

Multi day hunts are hunts consisting of multiple days. These are usually hunts where lodging is available or camping is allowed. For example, renting out a dove field for a week.

Seasonal Lease

This is where you’re leasing your land to one, or a group of hunters for an extended amount of time. Usually for a year or for the duration of a specific season. For example, leasing out your land to a group of hunters for the duration of deer season.  


We understand leasing your land is not a “one size fits all” model. Every landowner’s situation and land is unique. We take pride in working with landowners to find out how Outrider can work best for them.

Opening Weekend

The opening day or weekend of any hunting season is by far the most popular. Hunters are always scrambling to find a reliable hunting option. Landowners who are looking for a low commitment can list their land for opening weekends only. The demand is high and the probability of finding interested hunters is good.

Youth Hunts

Most states have special youth seasons. Youth seasons are weekends just open to youths and their parents or accompanying adult. These special seasons are put in place to ensure younger generations are exposed to hunting and carry on the traditions. The could be a great opportunity to share your land and offer wholesome family hunting opportunities.

Special Events

This could be fishing competition on your pond(s), a squirrel hunting tournament, hog tournament, etc. Thinking about your land as a temporary event space for hunting and fishing. You could also host what we call “Hunt Camps”. These are hunts where professional guides take hunters out and teach them the basics from killing, cleaning, and cooking. The outfitter will lease the land from the landowner for the duration of the camp. Hunt Camps could be a day or weekend event. It’s all up to the landowner.

Long Term Leasing

This is where you’re leasing your land to one or a group of hunters for up to a year or for the duration of a specific season. For example, leasing out your land to hunters for the duration of deer season. This is ideal for landowners that only want to lease to familiar hunters.

Available Game

It is the landowner choice on what can be hunted and what can not. This decision is based on their financial expectations and wildlife management goals.

Big Game & Gamebirds

Certain game such as deer (Whitetail, Axis, Mule), turkey, quail, and pheasants are considered highly valued game. These animals are more desired and carry a higher price tag.

Management Hunts

Sometimes called “meat hunts,” these are affordable hunting opportunities that can be offered to meet your wildlife population goals.

Small Game Hunts

Just getting out in the woods can be fun. For example, offering squirrel or rabbit hunts can be a great way to earn extra money and use the Outrider platform.

Nuisance Species and Predator Hunts

Wildfyre is the perfect platform for ranchers who needs to thin their coyote herd or farmers looking for a profitable solution to their feral hog problem.

The Wildfyre Guide Option

The Wildfyre guide option is for landowners who don’t want to manage hunters or fishermen on their land. 

We find a guide who would like to lease your land for an annual flat fee.  You get to approve of the guide before agreeing to the option. Once you have met the guide and agreed they will handle your land management, they will post hunting opportunities on Wildfyre.

As hunts are booked, the guide will host hunters or fisherman on trips to your land. The guide will collect payment for his services as a guide, and you will collect a 10% hosting fee for each adventure.