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Outrider is an online marketplace where landowners can list their land for hunting, and hunters can book time on that land. Landowners can earn passive income and hunters have access to more affordable hunting opportunities. Landowners preserve complete control and flexibility over their land.

Outrider in now accepting Texas landowners.

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For Landowners

Landowners are in good hands, we automatically cover every landowner under our $1M liability policy.

Outrider never reveals the exact location of your land, nor do we reveal your personal contact information to hunters.

We’ve have designed the platform to make sure landowners have complete control and flexibility over their listings. Landowners stipulate price, availability, species, and rules. Host as many, or few, hunts as you would like. Outrider works on your schedule.

This is a real revenue source for you and your family. Oftentimes generating revenue from your private land can include complicated leases, purchase agreements, and of course the time it takes to manage a crop or livestock population. Outrider connects you to a reliable and predictable revenue stream.

Outrider is determined to find a viable solution for hunters who don’t have the resources or means to enjoy the outdoors. Share your piece of heaven with hunters who haven’t found theirs yet!

Feral hog problem? Predator problem? Outrider is the perfect platform for landowners looking for a solution to their feral hog, deer, or predator problems. A great option for monetizing problematic wildlife or underused land.

Ready to list your land? Fill out the application below to be featured in the 2018-19 hunting season. A member of the Outrider team will review your submission and reach out with any questions. Listing your land is free.


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