Why Should I List My Land on Wildfyre?

We know  your land is precious to you. That’s why we have designed the platform to make sure landowners have complete control and flexibility over their listings. Here are just a couple of advantages Outrider provides to landowners:

1. Revenue: This is a real potential revenue source for you and your family at almost no cost to you. Often times generating revenue from your private land can include complicated leases, purchase agreements and of course the time it takes to manage a crop or livestock population to market. Wildfyre connects you to a reliable and predictable revenue stream.

2. Giving Back:  Wildfyre is determined to find a viable solution for hunters who don’t have the resources or means to enjoy the wonderful natural resources that this country has to offer. Share your piece of heaven with those who haven’t found theirs yet!

3. Wildlife Management: Feral hog problem? Predator problem? Wildfyre is the perfect platform for landowners looking for a solution to their feral hog, deer, or predator problems. It’s also a great option for monetizing problematic wildlife or underused land.

Is My Land Eligible?

We do have some criteria to consider before listing your land:

– Minimum of 20 acres.

– Not located in a subdivision or planned community.

– Observed wildlife activity.

– Must own property or be able to demonstrate explicit permission (Visible lease, contract, etc.) from the landowner.

We encourage you to reach out if you have ANY questions. A member of the Wildfyre team will happily assist you in answering your questions and determining your land’s eligibility. Please email: support@wildfyre.us

How Do I List My Land?

Listing is easy. First, just sign up and create a free account. Then simply click the “List Your Land” button in the navigation bar. Fill out the questions, upload pictures, and you’re done. Listing your land is free! You can edit your listing at any time on the “Your Listings” page in the navigation bar. Think of it as a social media profile for your land. Hunters will message you if interested. These messages will hit your email inbox and you can discuss how to set up your booking from there with them. Once you confirm the details, they can pay via paypal right through the Wildfyre platform!

Does it Cost Landowners Anything to List or Sign Up?

Listing your land and managing an account on Wildfyre is free. If hunters book through Wildfyre using the “Book Now” button, hunters/fisherman will pay an 8% service fee that covers the 3% paypal service fee.  It is that simple.

How Do I Know Who’s on My Land?

Wildfyre never reveals the exact location of your property. Therefore, it is up to the landowner to communicate the exact location and instructions after hunters confirm. Landowners have complete control over scheduling hunts. Have as many, or few hunts on your land as you feel comfortable with.


How Do Hunters Get in Touch With Me?

We’ve built an anonymous email system (very similar to Craigslist) into our platform so hunters never see your real email address or name unless you choose to reveal it. If a hunter is interested in your property, he or she can click the “Message Landowner” button on your listing profiles. You two can coordinate and go over details via email.


What About Potential Liability Issues?

It is the landowner’s responsibility to have the hunter sign a waiver of liability form before or on the day of the hunt just to be on the safe side. The NRA has a public liability release available here. We strongly recommend having hunters sign a release of liability before the hunt, either digitally, or in person. We have recommendation’s for liability insurance as well. If you have questions here, please reach out to support@wildfyre.us