Where can I find hunting or fishing opportunities?

Nationwide. Landowners and Guides will list their opportunities around the country where they are based. The “Find your adventure” tab will help you search for and find the ideal opportunities.

How much does it cost to book?

Wildfyre charges an 8% service fee on all transactions. 3% covers our paypal service fees, and we use the other 5% to help bring you more great hunting opportunities.

What happens when I book a hunt?

Get ready! Make sure you visit the state wildlife agency or conservation department of whichever state you booked your adventure in. We believe in doing it the right way and that means buying your licenses and notching your tags.

If it is a lease, make sure you understand the landowners rules, property lines and hunting seasons and then get out there and scout!

If it is a guided trip, contact your guide on what you need to prepare or bring with you for the adventure. They will be able to help you prepare appropriately.

What happens if someone is not responding to my booking?

Contact us directly at support@wildfyre.us. We will get you an answer.